Undertaker Conquers Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam

(Photo: WWE)

After a false finish, Undertaker was declared the winner of the match by the official referee.

The two titans of the industry gave it their all for this match, but during the match the Undertaker originally tapped out and the bell was rung--but not by referee Charles Robinson.

Brock Lesnar's noticed the tapout and rang the bell on behalf of his client, however that doesn't make it an official ruling. Robinson stopped the match and insisted he didn't ring the bell and issued the match to be restarted as he didn't see the Deadman tapout.

The match continued only for a few more minutes before the Undertaker latched his submission move, the Hellsgate, on Lesnar, forcing the Beast to tapout...all the while giving the Phenom the One Finger Salute.

WWE's official ruling was that Taker had won the match, via their Twitter.


Afterwards, Heyman took the bell again, intensely ringing the bell insisting his client had won the match.

So what do you think, readers? Undertaker is the official victor, but should he have won? Sound off in the comments below.