What If Bob's Burgers Was Mashed With Game Of Thrones?

CarlosDanger101 is fan of Game of Thrones and Bob's Burgers and he decided to use his artistic skills to combine the two by illustrating characters from HBO's award-winning fantasy series in the style of Fox's zany prime time cartoon.

I imagine if Louise saw this awesome mashup gallery she would sneak over to Bob's board and make the "All In Jest Burger" the "Burger of the Day." If you're interested in purchasing a print from Carlos' "Game of Burgers" series, click here.

Check out his work in the Imgur album below.

Game of Thrones Characters Drawn in Bob's Burgers Style

The fun returns to Sundays beginning Sept. 27, with the season premiere of Emmy Award-winning comedy Bob's Burgers (7:30-8:00 PM ET/PT). Game of Thrones returns for Season 6 on HBO in 2016.