Stone Cold Praises Roman Reigns Royal Rumble Performance

Last Sunday's Royal Rumble event had the sports world talking, as well as the Internet Wrestling [...]

Last Sunday's Royal Rumble event had the sports world talking, as well as the Internet Wrestling Community, about Roman Reigns entering at the heavily-favored 30th entry. Rumors had been circulating that it might be Kurt Angle, or Samoa Joe, or even Finn Balor, but once Reign's music hit the San Antonio crowd let WWE know they were beyond displeased.

Add into the fact that Roman had already competed that night in a WWE Universal Title match against Kevin Owens, it was obvious the WWE Universe wasn't expecting a double dose of the Big Dog nor wanted it. However, there is somebody who is praising Reigns: WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin.

On his podcast, the Texas Rattlesnake talked about how with Roman entering, you became invested in somebody taking him out.

"To me, if you're going by the writing/booking and you always thought that Reigns was entitled, or they were giving him stuff. Here he was down to the four and you think Jesus Christ, here he's going to win it again and then he takes an RKO and goes over the top rope," Austin said. "He did a favor there. He did the J-O-B. For Randy. For the Rumble. For everybody. If you didn't like him because you thought they were trying to shove him down your throat, they didn't shove him down your throat this time. He helped a brother out"

Austin also commented about how he still thinks Reigns should be a proper heel and commends his match with Owens that night.

"I think he's going to be tremendous as a heel if they ever go that way with him. But I like what Roman Reigns did the whole night."

Roman entering at number 30 wasn't the biggest problem of the Rumble, though, it was a combination of no real surprises, not a lot of action, and of course Randy Orton winning his second Royal Rumble. It all just felt so anti-climatic. True, Roman being eliminated was a reason to cheer Randy, but this still didn't come across as what is best for business.

(H/t Iwnerd for transcription)