This Power Rangers Unreal Engine Demo Really Makes Us Want A Time Force Game

Power Rangers fans would love to see the franchise enter console gaming with a true Triple-A product, and this new Unreal Engine demo shows what that could possibly look like.

Power Rangers fans already have a successful fighting game and brand new RPG on mobile devices, and even an old school (and quite fun) beat-em-up on consoles. Still, there hasn't been that Arkham City or Ultimate Alliance level of game that brings all the facets of the license into next-gen gaming. Youtube user Larxian gave a small taste of what that could look like with a new demo in Unreal Engine 4 starring none other than the Time Force Pink Ranger.

The demo shows Time Force Pink (Jen Scotts) standing in a rundown hallway, with the camera panning around to catch some of the lighting effects from a frayed wire that is throwing off some sparks. Jen starts to walk down the hallway slowly, with the increased light showing off the textures of her costume. Especially impressive is the reflections on her visor and helmet, but the demo gets better.

She then starts to run down the hallway, which turns out to be an alleyway in a huge city. Jen emerges from the dark and you see a litany of lights in the cityscape in front of her as rain pours down.

Making it even more impressive is that Larxian is just really messing around with the engine trying to learn it, and chose Time Force as his focus of choice.

Sure there's no action or other gameplay here other than walking around, but just seeing what a Power Ranger can look like in a modern engine is enough to make one wish this was actually in development somewhere. It's about time the Power Rangers franchise came into its own as far as console gaming, and we'd love to see Time Force somehow involved.

You can see the whole demo in the video above, and make sure to check out Larxian's full page here.

The good news is that you can see Jen Scotts in the comics at least, as she is playing a vital role in Power Rangers Shattered Grid. You can find the official description for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #27 below.


"As Lord Drakkon's power and influence grows, the Power Rangers work with new allies from across time and dimensions, including Ranger teams such as Time Force, RPM, and Samurai, to craft a plan to fight backā€¦but is it already too late?"

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #27 hits comic stores on May 16.