Jason David Frank's Legend of the White Dragon Trailer Announces 2024 Release

Legend of the White Dragon, which features Jason David Frank's final starring film role, has announced its 2024 release with a new trailer during the San Diego Comic-Con 2023 weekend.

Legend of the White Dragon, the final feature film starring Jason David Frank, has announced it will now be releasing in 2024 with a new trailer showing off all of the action featuring the legendary actor! Bat in the Sun's Legend of the White Dragon has been an independent action film project that Frank had been championing before his tragic passing last year, and fans have been very curious to see the new film in order to best honor Frank's efforts given all that he seemed to be putting behind the role. Now it's one step closer to its release. 

Legend of the White Dragon used its panel during San Diego Comic-Con to host a special memorial for Jason David Frank, and it was announced by Legend of the White Dragon director and co-writer Aaron Schoenke (as reported by Entertainment Weekly) that the film will now release during the first quarter of 2024 as Schoenke and film team are now in the process of reshoots for the movie following Frank's passing. But there was a full trailer for Legend of the White Dragon released, and you can check it out in the video above. 

(Photo: Bat in the Sun)

What Is Legend of the White Dragon? 

Legend of the White Dragon is currently slated to release in 2024 as director and co-writer Aaron Schoenke explained that the team is now in the midst of reshoots to add in more materials that Jason David Frank had wanted. Which is why it will no longer be releasing on its intended date on September 4th this year, Frank's 50th birthday. "We were done with principal photography with Jason, and now we are doing reshoots to add a lot of things that he wanted to add in... We only get one chance to make Jason's last movie, and that's what's going to last for forever. So I hope you all understand, it's only because we want to make it the best possible."

Legend of the White Dragon stars Jason David Frank alongside Mark Dacascos (John Wick III), King Bach (Walking Dead, Greenland), Michael Madsen (Kill Bill 1 & 2, Sin City), David Ramsey (Arrow, The Flash), Aaron Schoenke, Jason Faunt, Rachel Brooke Smith, Ciara Hanna, Kevin Porter, Mayling Ng, Cerina Vincent, and Jenna Rae Frank. Its story is teased as such, "After being a fugitive on the run for three years, the White Dragon (Jason David Frank) has returned to the city he fought to protect. He must now clear his name and save the family he keeps in secret before the mysterious Dragon Prime (Aaron Schoenke) unleashes his own revenge on the White Dragon."

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