'Star Trek: Discovery': Jason Isaacs Discusses Lorca's Arc and End

Now that Lorca’s secret is out and his fate is sealed, Star Trek: Discovery star Jason Isaacs is [...]

Now that Lorca's secret is out and his fate is sealed, Star Trek: Discovery star Jason Isaacs is looking back on the character's arc and ultimate end.

As far as how Lorca's story concluded, Isaacs seems to have accepted that it was the only way this story could go.

"How did I feel about dying in the end? Well I wanted to win, obviously, and kill them all and end up emperor, but I think that would have made a different series," he says.

Isaacs also revealed that he always knew Lorca's secret, which made the episodes after the reveals something of a relief.

"The last few episodes were the easiest for me because I was playing who I'd been all along," Isaacs explains. "I knew for the entire run of the season that I was Mirror Lorca. The challenging thing was to work out how to fool the crew and also to honor the secret that he was carrying."

Isaacs believes Lorca's fatal flaw was his infatuation with Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green).

"He was a confident man, Lorca," he says. "He always had a plan. He was working towards it. It went pretty well. In fact, it went fantastically well. Ultimate what brought me down, I think, was that vanity of hoping and thinking that Burnham would want to throw her lot in with me...It gave me pause in the final fight and that's all it took."

Finally, Isaacs reflected on trading blows with Michelle Yeoh, who has a history of doing her fights and stunts in movies like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

"It was no fun losing, but if I have to lose to anyone, I think Michelle and Sonequa are the two that should wipe me out," he says. "As Lorca, I felt very confident standing up to Emperor Georgiou and I think I could probably take, but as Jason, I was completely in awe of Michell's skills, as we all were. And she moves like water and she's three moves ahead of where I was, so I had to stay on my toes. I wanted to be careful not to hurt her which is laughable once you get into the fight because I couldn't even see her."

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