Karl Urban Confident New 'Star Trek' Movie Will Start Filming Within the Next Year

It seems like the Enterprise of Star Trek’s rebooted “Kelvin” timeline may have another [...]

It seems like the Enterprise of Star Trek's rebooted "Kelvin" timeline may have another mission left in it after all.

Karl Urban, who plays the Kelvin timeline's Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy, is currently out promoting his new movie Bent. In speaking to JoBlo, the topic of Star Trek came up. Urban says the ball is entirely in Paramount Pictures' court, but he's feeling pretty good about the idea that they'll do the right thing.

"It's really a question for Paramount," Urban said, laughing. "But, that being said, I have such a blast working on those Star Trek movies. You know, that cast, we're like family at this point. I'm pretty confident within, hopefully, the next year, that we'll be back on the set."

These comments sound significantly more optimistic than the last time Urban spoke about the future of the Star Trek film series. That was during a convention in late 2017, and Urban sounded as if he'd come to terms with Star Trek Beyond being the end of the Star Trek reboot's run.

"You know as much as I do, my friend," Urban said. "Listen, we'd all love to make another Star Trek movie. That's absolutely certain. But if we don't get that opportunity then I'm really happy to have ended on such a good note. We had such a wonderful time shooting Star Trek Beyond. It was an amazing experience — and we're all still grieving over the fact that it was the last time that we got to shoot with Anton [Yelchin]. We're all like a family. It won't be the same without him."

Those comments were made prior to the news that Paramount is working on a Star Trek film project based on an idea pitched by Quentin Tarantino. During an interview with ComicBook.com, Urban shared his thoughts on the idea of a Tarantino Star Trek movie.

"I think it's a fascinating prospect, and I think probably exactly the kind of energy that Star Trek needs at this point in time," Urban said. "Quentin Tarantino's a dynamic filmmaker. I have admired and respected his work for a very long time, and I would be thrilled to get the opportunity to work with him in any capacity. So, you know, we're just going to let the chips fall where they may, and fingers crossed, we'll get that opportunity."

Bent is now playing in theaters and on demand.


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