Star Trek: Rene Auberjonois Compares 'Deep Space Nine' to 'Discovery'

After debuting on CBS All Access last fall, Star Trek: Discovery has taken the beloved franchise into a new direction. And according to one of the stars of Discovery's predecessors, being on a streaming platform gives the series a unique opportunity.

In a recent interview with Variety, Deep Space Nine star Rene Auberjonois was asked about the sort of spiritual connection between both shows. As he put it, both series have benefited from the binge-watching culture of streaming services, albeit in slightly different ways.

“What I think is happening now is that since [Deep Space Nine] is on Netflix and streaming, people are watching it and seeing the whole story,” Auberjonois explained. “People love to stream the original episodes and all the other versions, but ours is the one that is almost like a Russian novel."

Admittedly, fans of Discovery still have to wait a week (or, in the case of this current hiatus, longer) for new episodes. But the ability to stream the episodes - and the extra step of having to pay for the streaming service in question - has arguably lead to a much deeper engagement for both Discovery and Deep Space Nine.

"My sense of there is a growing base of an audience that really is getting it." Auberjonois added. "Where people weren’t quite sure about it while it was happening episode by episode, now that they get to evaluate it as a whole piece, it’s being recognized in a way it wasn’t before.”


Deep Space Nine is currently streaming on Netflix, and you can check out the list of our favorite episodes here.

New Star Trek: Discovery episodes become available to stream Sundays at 8:30 p.m. ET on CBS All Access.