Star Trek's 10 Original Movies Are No Longer Streaming Anywhere

The 10 original Star Trek movies are now unavailable to stream anywhere in the United States. In November 2021, every Star Trek movie became available to stream on Paramount+. Paramount+ is the exclusive streaming home of every episode of Star Trek television ever. Paramount+ gaining the 13 Star Trek movies mean it marked the first time in recent memory that fans could watch the entire franchise in a single place. But now, the six Star Trek films featuring the Star Trek: The Original Series cast and the four featuring the Star Trek: The Next Generation cast have left Paramount+. What's odd is that they haven't gone to another streaming service. They are entirely unavailable to stream anywhere.

The only Star Trek films left on Paramount+ in the United States currently are 2009's Star Trek and its sequel, Star Trek Into Darkness. The third film in the rebooted film series, Star Trek Beyond, is streaming on AMC+.

As for the other films, chances are they will be streaming again somewhere in a month or two, perhaps even back on Paramount+. These comings and goings are related to streaming deals that pre-date the current streaming wars where most major studios have their own propriety streaming platform. It's the same reason Marvel movies occasionally leave Disney+ and show up on another service like Netflix.

Those wanting to watch a classic Star Trek movie right now can rely on trusty physical media. Paramount recently released a box set of the first six Star Trek movies restored and in 4k for the first time. The new editions are also available on standard Blu-ray for those without 4k Blu-ray players. Unfortunately, there's been no word on the Star Trek: The Next Generation movies getting the same 4k treatment yet. However, the 2009 Blu-ray box set containing those films is neither hard to find nor expensive. These films are also available to rent or purchase digitally from various digital storefronts.

While the previous Star Trek movies are in a state of streaming flux, the future of the Star Trek movies remains uncertain. The long-gestating fourth Star Trek movie to feature the Kelvin Timeline cast (Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban, Zoe Saldaña, John Cho, Simon Pegg) recently lost its director, Matt Shakman, to Marvel Studios' upcoming Fantastic Four movie. Shakman's exit is likely why Paramount Pictures removed the film from its release schedule, having previously been set to debut in December 2023.

(h/t TrekMovie)