Carrie Fisher Warned Daisy Ridley About Difficulties of Dating After Star Wars

Prior to taking on the role of Rey in the Star Wars saga, Daisy Ridley was relatively new to the world of Hollywood, with her co-stars happy to offer her advice in furthering her career. One of those veterans of Hollywood who helped her out was Carrie Fisher, who shared with Ridley just how hard it would be to enter the world of dating after being in a Star Wars film, a difficulty she battled for 40 years.

During a recent interview with Vogue, Ridley shared the warning she received from Fisher, who expressed that Ridley should use caution when dating “because you don’t want to give people the ability to say ‘I had sex with Princess Leia.’"

The experience of working with Fisher was eye-opening for Ridley in a variety of ways, as the actress also shared, “I’d never met anyone openly bipolar before, who discussed loving glitter because of her LSD days”

The upcoming The Last Jedi will sadly mark Fisher's last installment in the franchise, having tragically and suddenly passed away late last year. Writer/director Rian Johnson recently shared the impact Fisher had on his career.

“She was so conscious of the place that Leia had, not just broadly in the culture, but very specifically in terms of girls who grew up watching Star Wars when Leia was the only female hero on the screen,” Johnson shared with Yahoo!. “She really wanted to do right by that, drawing the character forward. That was something that she would always be pulling us back to.”

Fisher not only helped out the production in her role as an actress, but her decades spent as a writer also aided Johnson.

“And for me it was fantastic, because besides all the other benefits of having a fantastic writer like Carrie there by my side while we’re making this movie, just having a voice that was like a compass needle that would always pull it back in the right direction of ‘this is what this character means and this is what we always have to make sure that she’s serving, with her strength and also with her weaknesses’ — showing a fully realized character who is going to be inspiring to the folks who grew up with Leia.”

The Last Jedi lands in theaters on December 15.

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