Mark Hamill Doubles Down on Star Wars Villain Poster Conspiracy Theories

Never one to shy away from the latest Star Wars rumors to hit the internet, Mark Hamill took to Twitter today to address fans who claim the latest The Last Jedi poster reveals that Luke will be a villain in the new film.

The consummate prankster, Hamill included the iconic line from the film, "From a certain point of view," to claim that Luke has always been a villain, going so far as to kill thousands of people in service of the Rebellion.

This is only the latest example of Hamill using social media to taunt fans, having just teased his followers yesterday with a similar stunt.

The poster theory which Hamill speaks of is based on the concept that, with many of the previous films' posters, the villain is featured prominently behind all of our heroes, including Darth Maul, Darth Vader and Kylo Ren.

Based on the teaser and trailer we've seen for the upcoming film, Luke has clearly veered off the heroic path to some degree, proclaiming that the Jedi must "end." Between that bit of dialogue and Luke's looming presence on the poster, many think he could end up being a villainous presence in the new film.

Hamill is clearly trying to lead fans down a variety of paths as to confuse his followers, having earlier this year inadvertently revealed when the film's full trailer would debut.

In response to a fan asking him when the trailer would debut last month, Hamill told them to tune in to Monday Night Football on October 9 for "no reason in particular." The actor then deleted the tweet, claiming that he was making a joke about the teams facing off that night.

That hint ended up being true, as the full trailer debuted during halftime of the event.

We'll find out more about what's in store for Luke Skywalker when The Last Jedi hits theaters on December 15.

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