Fan Points Out Massive Connection Between Original 'Star Wars' and 'The Last Jedi'

Writer/director Rian Johnson demonstrated his love of the Star Wars saga with The Last Jedi, a film which both paid its respects to previous chapters in the saga while forging a new path forward, delivering audiences unexpected twists and turns. With the film out now on Blu-ray, fans can toil through all the many subtle references to earlier entries in the saga to discover Johnson's densely-packed narrative.

One fan took to Twitter to point out a connection between the original 1977 film and the events of The Last Jedi which some viewers may have missed regarding Luke and how his journey began and came to an end.

In A New Hope, Luke came across a holographic message of Leia Organa asking for help from Obi-Wan Kenobi, resulting in a fateful encounter that led him to join the Rebellion. Decades later, Luke's final action was using his abilities with the Force to project a vision of himself across the galaxy to Crait to temporarily distract Kylo Ren long enough for what remained of the Resistance to escape.

Johnson himself was one of the thousands of users to like the tweet, confirming the intentional use of projections to both kick off and conclude Luke's heroic journey.

While Kylo's motivation of "letting the past die" was one of the bigger themes of The Last Jedi's narrative, Johnson demonstrated that, when it comes to making a Star Wars movie, he doesn't entirely share Kylo's feelings.

“It’s also about the things we keep from the past though… The quote of ‘let the past die’ gets kinda latched onto because it’s the big sexy quote of the movie," Johnson shared with Fandango earlier this year. "The truth is if you really watch the movie, that’s not where the movie ends up landing… Realizing that there is power in the old stuff also. And that we need that, that’s essentially what Luke fulfills.”

You can grab a copy of The Last Jedi on Blu-ray and DVD now.


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