Star Wars: Mark Hamill Replies With Perfect 'Episode IX' Title After Fans Demand Reveal

Star Wars fans are waiting with bated breath to find out the title for Episode IX, and it looks like Mark Hamill is having some fun with that.

Hamill recently tweeted a response to the outpouring of fans asking for him to leak the Episode IX subtitle. Attached to the tweet was a logo mockup, which suggested that the full title would be Star Wars: Thank U, Next.

This, of course, is a reference to the song of the same name from Ariana Grande, who Hamill has sparked a sort of Twitter relationship with in recent months. And while it's pretty safe to assume that Hamill is trolling, there is something about "Thank U, Next" that makes a pretty amusing subtitle.

While it's unclear exactly when the Episode IX subtitle will be announced, it's easy to see why fans are so curious about it. Even with the financial success of 2017's The Last Jedi, some are looking to the forthcoming film as a way to "course correct" the Skywalker Saga.

"The way they’ve been shooting it right now is looser than it’s been for the last two times," Oscar Isaac, who co-stars in the franchise as Poe Dameron, said in a recent interview. "It does feel like a relief to get on set and feel like, ‘Oh, we can try things.’ It’s a testament to J.J. coming back and feeling confident. There’s less pressure for it to be right. We just want to make a good movie and have a really good time while doing it."


"Often, you do feel like you’ve got to find your way to make something more alive, but this time, it’s been the opposite. There’s no need to smuggle anything in there," Isaac continued. "Luckily, since I’m not directing it, producing it, or distributing it, I don’t have to worry so much about fan expectations. Also, not all fans have the same expectations ... People had very strong feelings, but there wasn’t as much of an organized way to speak out about it. People that run blogs and websites need content. So it’s like, ‘There’s some content!’ Five people on Twitter. Hundreds. Whatever it is. Then you make it into a story."

Star Wars: Episode IX premieres in theaters in December 2019.