Chris Evans Would Love to Be in Star Wars

It may be a "tall order" for Chris Evans to return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but that doesn't mean the former Captain America is done with big franchise filmmaking for good. To the contrary: Evans is making it clear in a new interview that he would very much be down with hopping the fence and joining the Star Wars franchise. During the interview it was pointed out that Evans is very much a Disney company man, having served in the Marvel Universe and now starring in a Disney•Pixar animated film; to complete his four-quadrant plan, Evans needs a Disney musical and Star Wars role!

"Yeah, why is there no Star Wars? God, would I love to be in Star Wars!" Chris Evans said in response to MTV. "God – I mean I would do anything: if I was just a Stormtrooper, I'd be thriiled." He later added a preference, saying, "Yeah, I'll take a Wookie though. That's fine. Just put me in. I'll do it." 

It seems rather incredible at this point that with all Disney has going on under the proverbial roof that they couldn't import one of their biggest stars like Chris Evans into the Star Wars franchise. Star Wars has been sneaking in big celebrity cameos into all kinds of places – even getting actors like Bond star Daniel Craig to play Stormtroopers – kind of like Chris Evxans suggested. That's all to say: If Chris Evans wants in for Star Wars, Chris Evans shouldn't have to ask twice... 

To be fair, Star Wars has a multitude of new opportunities on the horizon for Chris Evans to jump into. While the Star Wars TV Universe is currently thriving (The Mandalorian, Obi-Wan, The Book of Boba Fett), Star Wars movies have all but stalled. Disney's Star Wars Sequel Trilogy was incredibly divisive; the Star Wars Standalone initiative ended after just two releases (Rogue One, Solo), and all the new films Lucasfilm announced (Rogue Squadron, Taika Waititi's movie, Rian Johnson's new trilogy) have failed to take significant steps forward. However, in that cinematic chaos lies opportunity. 

Simply put: Chris Evans is one of the biggest movie stars in the world right now – so help get Star Wars movies going again with him attached to one. A Rogue Squadron (or Imperial) pilot; a Jedi or Sith warrior; or some kind of Imperial commander or underworld smuggler... It would all work with Evans. Strap him in some Mandalorian armor, and watch the world geek out. 


How would you like to see Chris Evans join Star Wars