Disneyland Has Already Sold Three of the $25k R2-D2 Droids at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

If you had a spare $25,000 lying around, what would you spend it on? Believe it or not, a total of three people have already spent that amount of money on a very specific purchase at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, the latest Disneyland attraction that immerses fans in the galaxy far, far away. According to The OCR, the park is selling a "$25,000 life-size custom astromech unit" which is sold at Driod Depot and "looks just like the 3-and-half-foot-tall R2-D2."

Apparently, three of the doids, which are "remote controlled R-units," were sold during the park's first week open. While the item may be pricey, it does allow you to make some neat choices.

"You get to choose your own design and color scheme for the $25,000 R-unit droid. And you even get to decide if your own personal starship mechanic and fighter pilot's assistant is grimy and battle-worn or has a factory-fresh shine," The OCR explains.

If you take a visit to the Driod Depot, you'll be able to get your eyes on one of the R-units. Oftentimes, they're just on display, but sometimes they come out to "roll around the shop" and "chirp" at guests. If you see the item interacting with fans at the shop, there's a Disneyland cast member subtly controlling it near-by. The remote is "Xbox-like" and is hidden behind the employee's back.

If $25,000 is as far as you're willing to spend, we've got some bad news… shipping is not included with your purchase. There are also no international orders or orders for Alaska and Hawaii. If you do have the money to spend and live in one of the other 48 states, it will take up to 90 days to receive your item. Hopefully, it'll be worth it!

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is more than 14 acres, making it the "largest single-themed land in Disney Parks history." The new attractions will be "packed with immersive storytelling that allows you to live your own Star Wars adventure." Last month, the official Disney Parks Blog shared images of new guidemaps that will help guests navigate the expansive area.

What do you think of these pricey take-home driods? Tell us in the comments!

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is officially open at Disneyland in California, and will open at Hollywood Studios in Florida on August 29th.