Build Your Own 'Star Wars' Droid With This Inventor Kit

Sure, the app-enabled droids from Sphero are pretty much a dream come true for Star Wars fans, but what if you could learn how to build a droid yourself? How satisfying would that be? A company called littleBits is offering folks the opportunity to do just that.

Specifically, the company has a new Droid Inventor Kit. First, let's see it in action:

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The Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit is available for $99.95 on Amazon, and it comes with everything a kid (or adult) needs to create and control their own R2 unit. A free Droid Inventor app for iOS and Android provides all of the necessary instructions, and it also challenges advanced users to experiment with the technology to build their own custom droids. You can even program your new companion with useful skills like the ability to deliver items, guard bedrooms from annoying siblings, and more.


The official description reads:

Kids can easily create and power up their own mechanical companion using littleBits electronic Bits--along with the free Droid Inventor app--to send their creation on more than 17 special Star Wars missions, complete with authentic droid sounds from the Star Wars films. As they unlock new capabilities and level up their Droid Inventor skills, kids can also learn how to create their own custom R2 Units and experiences, combining play with real hands-on learning.

"Today we are continuing a global inventor movement that empowers young people to participate in a story that inspires them to be creators, not just consumers of technology," said Ayah Bdeir, founder & CEO of littleBits. "We've created a gender-inclusive product that celebrates kids' own self-expression and ingenuity, while showcasing the same characteristics of imagination, grit and invention that are embodied in the Star Wars franchise."


• The app guides kids as they put together their Droid and control it in Drive Mode, Self-Nav, Force Mode, and more, making it the ultimate galactic sidekick.
• After mastering their Droid Inventor skills, kids continue on to challenges that spark creativity and inspire them to create unique new Droids.
• Each littleBits electronic block has a different function such as a power, motor, or sensor, which kids can use with their Droid in new and exciting ways.
• Included stickers and in-app missions encourage kids to customize their Droid using crafts or household objects, giving their Droid its own special personality.
• Kids will take pride in creating any Droid they imagine, and parents will love the endless play opportunities.