Did Jon Favreau Just Reveal His 'Solo: A Star Wars Story' Role?

The mystery surrounding Jon Favreau's otherworldly role in Solo: A Star Wars Story is one step [...]

The mystery surrounding Jon Favreau's otherworldly role in Solo: A Star Wars Story is one step closer to being solved.

Earlier this week, Favreau (director of Iron Man and The Jungle Book) raised eyebrows by posting a picture with Star Wars producer Lawrence Kasdan and Solo director Ron Howard. Many thought that this might hint at the filmmaker's future with the Star Wars franchise, given his long-standing relationship with Disney. Howard cleared the air soon after, saying that Favreau was "voicing a very cool & important alien character" in the Han Solo movie.

Now, a couple of days later, it seems as though Favreau has revealed who his character is, and that fans have already seen him in the Solo trailer.

The filmmaker shared a photo on Twitter this morning of an alien driving some kind of vehicle or ship in the Solo film. He simply included the hashtags for Solo and Star Wars in the tweet, not mentioning any details about the character.

While the alien in the photo doesn't have a name at this time, you may remember people talking about him quite a bit when the trailer was initially released last week. At first glance, many thought this was Maz Kanata, or potentially a relative of hers that could connect the spinoff to the main Skywalker Saga films.

The character obviously isn't Maz, and it's not likely that he's even the same race. Unlike Kanata, this alien has a set of four long arms, despite his smaller stature.

Favreau has been more well-known as a director in recent years, having helmed the first two Iron Man films, Elf, Chef, and Disney's live-action Jungle Book. He's currently filming the studio's live-action adaptation of The Lion King, starring Donald Glover.

What many forget however, is that Favreau has always been an actor. He's had small roles in his own films, like Happy Hogan in the Iron Man series and the doctor in Elf, but he's appeared in all sorts of movies over the years. Lending his voice to Solo should be a breeze.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is set to hit theaters on May 25th. If you're excited about the film, be sure to give it an anticipation rating below!