Kanye West Reveals His Star Wars Name In Advance Of SNL Premiere

Kanye West might be changing his name, but that doesn't mean he's changing his Star Wars name.

Bet you didn't know Kanye West had a Star Wars name, but he certainly does, one he reveals on the newest promo for his appearance on this weekend's Saturday Night Live. Adam Driver will be the host, so naturally, Kenan Thompson brought up his alter ego of Kylo Ren. That prompted Thompson to ask Kanye what his Star Wars name is, and he let him know.

Oh, yeah, it's Kanye West...so there's that.

It kind of makes sense though, as Kanye just announced he would be changing his name officially to simply Ye. He announced it on Twitter with the caption "the being formally known as Kanye West I am YE".

So technically that means that he's not completely losing the Kanye West mantle, just moving it strictly to the Galaxy Far Far Away, while his regular mantle will now be Ye. When you think about it we kind of wish his Star Wars name was Ye because Jedi Ye or Darth Ye kind of has a great ring to it right?

Who knows, Halloween is coming up soon, so perhaps he will take one of those ideas for his costume this year. Kanye did dress up as a Stormtrooper once before, so maybe this year we'll get full Jedi or Sith Lord.


Ye's not the first musician to change his name, something Sean Combs pretty much made a career out of throughout the years. First, he was Sean Combs then Puff Daddy then Diddy followed by The Did (totally made that last one up but you get the picture) while Prince famously changed his name to the distinct symbol, which Kanye homages with his tweet when he says "formally known as".

Kanye is getting ready to release his new album today, one that he announced is dropping on Twitter. West wrote, "we’re releasing Yandhi Saturday night We know it will come in number 2 to my brother Lil Wayne and that’s lovely The universe needs Ye and Wayne music at the same time". He's referring to The Carter V, which released after being delayed for some time on Friday.