Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Japanese Title Could Reveal Spoiler

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker has had fans in a frenzy ever since the title of the film was first revealed. The implications of a title like "The Rise of Skywalker" are pretty massive for this franchise - especially in light of what happened in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Well, the mystery of Star Wars: Episode IX's title gets even deeper when you begin to look at its international translations, and the Japanese version of "The Rise of Skywalker" is certainly titillating fans' curiosity!

TROS to be called Star Wars : Dawn of Skywalker in Japan from r/StarWarsLeaks

In Japan, the movie is going to be called Star Wars: Dawn of Skywalker. Along with the other international translations (like Poland's "Star Wars: Skywalker Resurrection"), fans have gotten the idea that Episode IX could pull a major twist and bring back Mark Hamill's Luke Skywalker from his seeming death in The Last Jedi. It's a reasonable enough theory: Luke exhibited some unique new Force abilities during The Last Jedi, and it's already been confirmed that The Rise of Skywalker will be making resurrection a major theme of its storyline.

The first trailer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker revealed that Emperor Palpatine will be making a return from the grave during the film, with rumored spoilers going so far as to say the climatic act of Episode IX will see Rey and Kylo Ren battling a foe possessed by Palpatine's spirit, and that the evil Sith Lord will be trying to actually get ahold of Rey and/or Kylo's body. Mark Hamill has already confirmed that Luke will be back as a Force ghost in the film; it could be a cameo moment where Luke is a guide for Rey and her companions (the traditional use of a Force ghost), or maybe Luke could similarly be channeled through the body of someone like Rey, to help battle Palpatine's ghost. Now that would be an epic ending to this nine-film saga.

Of course, the title The Rise of Skywalker (or even the "Dawn of Skywalker" or "Skywalker Resurrection") may not refer to Luke coming back from the dead at all. Other theories point to Kylo Ren finally shedding his dark side persona and once again becoming "Ben Solo," Luke's final pupil, by embracing the light side power of his mother, Leia Skywalker. Other theories point to The Jedi Order never being fully restored once the conflict between the First Order and Resistance is done, and Rey leading a new era of Force users who will be known as "Skywalkers."


What's your best guess about what the title of Star Wars: Episode IX means? Let us know in the comments!

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker will be in theaters on December 20th.