Star Wars: Ahsoka: Who Is The Masked Inquisitor Marrok?

Star Wars: Ahsoka has fans asking who the new Inquisitor Marrok REALLY is, and the theories are already getting wild!

Star Wars: Ahsoka Episodes 1 and 2 quickly set up some intriguing seasonal mysteries – and one fans are heavily focused on is the true identity of new dark side warrior, Marrok. Ahsoka Episode 2 really let Marrok cook, as he joined dark side apprentice Shin Hati (Ivanna Sakhno) on a mission to get a large-scale hyperdrive from the shipyards of Corellia – and stop the Ahsoka and general Hera Syndulla (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) from thwarting their efforts. 

The fight sequence between Ahsoka and the mysterious Marrok in the Corellian shipyards is already being clipped and meme'd into an iconic Star Wars duel; however, seeing Marrok's skills and his Inquisitor's double-bladed spinning lightsaber has a lot of Star Wars Rebels fans asking deeper questions and pitching some big theories... 

Is Marrok Ezra Bridger? 


The most popular theory that's already out there is that Marrok is – somehow, someway – actually Ezra Bridger, the young padawan who was the protagonist of Star Wars Rebels. Ezra was last seen using the Force to commune with purrgill space whales, which trapped Grand Admiral Thrawn and Ezra in a stalemate aboard the villain's command ship, the Chimaera, before transporting them both (and the ship) out into the unknown regions of the galaxy. Ahsoka's storyline seems like a straightforward hunt for both Thrawn and Ezra, but it does have the potential for some big game-changing surprises for the Star Wars Universe. 

Ezra and Ahsoka explored the mysterious "World Between Worlds" realm of the Force near Rebels' end – a pathway that extends between various points in time and space within the Star Wars Universe. Ezra once pulled Ahsoka out of a moment in his own past moment (her duel with Darth Vader) to save her life and bring her to his present; a major theory is that Ezra's guise as "Marrok" is him coming to the past to help find and stop Thrawn before some potential dark destiny unfolds.

 An even simpler theory is that while in the Unknown Regions Ezra was turned, corrupted, or brainwashed in some way, and was sent back as a herald to signal to Thrawn's forces that he was still out there to be found. Ezra's ability to travel the World Between Worlds, and his always-present attraction to the dark side, sets precedence for that kind of twist – as does the presence of Baylan Skoll, another example of a Jedi who disappeared into the Unknown regions during the Clone Wars and came back with a dark side makeover. 

Other Marrok Theories

(Photo: Disney/Lucasfilm)

Other theories about Marrok are that he is some kind of resurrected or cybernetically rebuilt version of some Rebels characters thought dead. Kanan Jarrus and the Grand Inquisitor are two key characters that a lot of fans think could be brought back as a major twist in Ahsoka. With the witchcraft of Dathomir and Darth Maul's precedent of surviving being cut in half all on the table, there's definitely a possibility for some big surprises in that regard. 

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