'Star Wars' Fans Are Loving the News of a 'Clone Wars' Revival

Following the announcement that Star Wars: The Clone Wars is being revived for a new season, fans of the series have taken to social media to express how much they love the news.

I don't even care how Star Wars Resistance turns out, as long as I got my Clone Wars I'm happy," one fan exclaimed on Twitter.

"I’ve been sitting here for an hour frantically refreshing my twitter feed," another fan said. "This show is so important to me and really made me fall in love with Star Wars all over again. I am literally in tears I am so happy."

"I am so happy that one of my favorite TV shows is coming back and looking better than ever," someone else commented. "I'm getting vibes of joy that I felt around the time Force Awakens came out. Just.......YES."

"I’m so happy we’re finally getting the closure we never had," one other fan gushed. "No one will ever spoil my love for the galaxy far, far away."

Star Wars: The Clone Wars first aired in 2008 on Cartoon Network. The show would go on to produce five seasons for the channel before moving to Netflix for season seven in 2014.

The show's revival was revealed during a panel at the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con. Lucasfilm detailed that the 12-episode seventh season will debut exclusively on Disney's upcoming streaming service, much to the delight of fans.


"I admit it...I cried when I saw the new [The Clone Wars] trailer," one Twitter user commented. "I am so happy and excited that I want to start counting down the days now!"

At this time, there is no premiere date for the new season, but Disney's currently-untitled streaming service is not scheduled to launch until 2019 so its likely fans will have to wait more than a year for the new installment of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.