Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Implements New Line System to Improve Guest Experiences

Ever since it was announced back in 2015, Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge has been one of the most [...]

Ever since it was announced back in 2015, Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge has been one of the most anticipated attractions among Star Wars fans, with the 14-acre park allowing guests to fully immerse themselves in the galaxy far, far away. Most fans were expecting the parks to open late this year, only for Phase One to have officially opened at Disneyland last month, with legions of fans descending upon the park. With the park having been open less than two weeks, the attraction is already finding new ways to improve the experience while visiting Galaxy's Edge that reduces the amount of time guests will have to wait in line, allowing them to more thoroughly explore the park and maximize their visit.

The current process of entering Galaxy's Edge requires Disneyland guests to make a reservation for the land through June 23rd, allowing them to explore the area for a four-hour window. Oga's Cantina and the lightsaber and droid building shops have become the most popular areas, though to create the most authentic experience possible, the intimate environments have a limited capacity, resulting in longer lines of excited guests waiting to get in. According to Mercury News, a virtual queuing system has been implemented that will allow you to hold a place in "line" as you explore the park, rather than devote your limited amount of time to waiting in line.

"What we're trying to do is diffuse the long queues so that people don't feel like that's how they have to spend their day," Disneyland vice president Kris Theiler shared about the modifications.

Fans will instead check in at Oga's Cantina and will be notified by text message when to return to the area, where they will have to wait in a shorter queue. Guests are limited to spending 45 minutes in the Cantina. Savi's Workshop will offer guests color-coded cards with suggested times to return to the area, while the Droid Depot will continue to function as normal. Disneyland will reportedly implement more permanent systems to facilitate guests most efficiently in the near future.

Phase Two of the park will open later this year, which will include opening the ride Rise of the Resistance. This soft opening has allowed the park to experiment with the best way to make for an enjoyable experience for all guests in the coming months.

"The crowding issues that many of you and I think many of our guests anticipated just have not come to fruition thanks to the efforts we have put in place. They are non-existent really," Theiler said Wednesday during a call with the media. "The additional 14 acres of capacity for Disneyland park have had a hugely positive impact on the park itself."

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is open now at Disneyland and opens on August 23rd at Walt Disney World in Orlando.

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