Star Wars-Themed LEGO Mini-Lands Reportedly Shutting Down

Now that Disneyland and Walt Disney World have opened up the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge attraction, [...]

Now that Disneyland and Walt Disney World have opened up the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge attraction, the House of Mouse is looking to shut down any rival theme parks featuring Star Wars-inspired lands. That includes the various Star Wars areas at Legoland parks around the world, which are reportedly set to close in the very near future. Five different Legoland parks include mini-lands dedicated to the worlds, characters, and themes of Star Wars, and all five will be closing those areas in the coming weeks.

Orlando Weekly reported this week that Disney's contract with Legoland is coming to an end, and that the LEGO-themed parks are taking swift action to remove any and all Star Wars attractions. The contract is believed to be a 10 year deal, which put its end in 2020.

Legoland has confirmed, per Orlando Weekly, that four of the five Star Wars mini-lands will all be closing by the first week of January. They will all be gone by the time summer arrives. Legoland Deutschland is already closed for the winter, and the Star Wars sets in that park will be gone by the time it reopens in March. Legoland Windsor will close its Star Wars land by December 31st.

Both Legoland parks in the United States, Legoland California and Legoland Florida, will be closing their Star Wars areas after the first of the year. Each of the areas are set to be closed down on January 6, 2020, giving guests just a couple more weeks to try and see the attractions.

Fortunately, the closure of these lands won't have any impact on the deals that Disney has with LEGO in regards to purchasable Star Wars sets. The Star Wars LEGOs will continue to arrive with the new movies as usual. This deal will also have no effect on the LEGO store in Disney Springs.

At this time, LEGO had not revealed what will be replacing the Star Wars attractions at the Legoland parks.