'Star Wars Rebels' Return Dates, Titles and Descriptions Revealed

The current season of Star Wars Rebels will be its last, promising audiences the series' biggest [...]

The current season of Star Wars Rebels will be its last, promising audiences the series' biggest reveals and most dramatic adventures. According to Zap2it, the series will make its midseason premiere on February 24 and could potentially result in a major character's death, according to the episode's description.

The episode premiering on February 24 is the 10th episode of the season and is entitled "Jedi Night." The episode's description reads, "The Ghost Crew infiltrates the Imperial headquarters on Lothal to save one of their own."

The above description might not sound too ominous, but it's the following week's episode that hints at a casualty.

On March 3, the episode "DUME" is described, "Reeling from a devastating loss, the Ghost crew rallies together to find a new purpose and resolve."

With how tightly-knit the crew of the Ghost are, we could assume the loss may be one of them, or at least another major character. The only character we know for sure won't be killed is Hera Syndulla, who was referenced in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Additionally, a recent comic confirmed that Hera was at least temporarily on Hoth prior to the events of The Empire Strikes Back, yet the status of the rest of the Ghost is uncertain.

Only a handful of episodes remain for the series, yet executive producer Dave Filoni confirmed at least some of the show's biggest mysteries would be addressed before its conclusion.

"I will say just explaining Ezra's past and what happens to him and Kanan is a big one," Filoni told Gizmodo. "Because people have been all over that, seeing as they don't see many force wielders in A New Hope."

The fate of the series' heroes aren't the only answers the remaining episodes will address.

"We brought Thrawn into the picture, so we have to answer questions about him," Filoni confessed.

Ahsoka debuted in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and was brought back for Star Wars Rebels. The fan-favorite character's fate, however, is currently uncertain.

"And I would say, just because it's been a constant question that I've gotten, people keep wondering what happens to a character like Ahsoka," Filoni shared.

"I would say that all of these things are on the table this season, because you try to answer all those things in the course of the series," Filoni promised. "So we tried to really bring all those answers to bear, whether people would like the answer or not, because it's got to be contained within this story. So all those things were on the table going into this season."

Tune in to the midseason premiere of Star Wars Rebels on February 24 on Disney XD.

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