Ridley Scott Claims He's "Too Dangerous" to Direct a Star Wars Film

From Alien to Blade Runner, filmmaker Ridley Scott has given cinema its greatest tales of science fiction, making him a name often tossed around for who could helm a new Star Wars film. Despite his many accomplishments, the director himself claims he wouldn't be a good fit for the franchise, calling himself "too dangerous" for the responsibility.

"No, no. I’m too dangerous for that," Scott told Vulture about the possibility of him directing an installment.

A recent trend at Disney, whether it be Lucasfilm or Marvel, is to tap young directors who have made a name for themselves with smaller productions to apply their sensibilities to a bigger sandbox. Scott claimed it was his decades of expertise that would prevent him from taking on the task.

"Because I know what I’m doing [Laughs]," Scott elaborated as to why he wouldn't accept the duty. "I think they like to be in control, and I like to be in control myself. When you get a guy who’s done a low-budget movie and you suddenly give him $180 million, it makes no sense whatsoever. It’s f*ckin’ stupid. You know what the reshoots cost?"

Interestingly, Scott recently re-shot his nearly completed All the Money in the World to replace Kevin Spacey with Christopher Plummer following allegations about sexual assault and harassment against the actor. These reshoots reportedly cost millions, yet the filmmaker spared no expense to rid the final product of Spacey.

The Blade Runner filmmaker has helmed his fair share of big-budget films, yet he claims this shift in filmmaking must be done gradually.

"This is where experience does matter, it’s as simple as that!" Scott pointed out. "It can make you dull as dishwater, but if you’re really experienced and you know what you’re doing, it’s f*cking essential. Grow into it, little by little. Start low-budget, get a little bit bigger, maybe after $20 million, you can go to $80. But don’t suddenly go to $160."


Episode IX is to be directed by The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams while Rian Johnson will direct the first film in an all-new trilogy of films, so it may be a while before any director is announced for any upcoming Star Wars film, regardless of their filmmaking sensibilities.

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