Star Wars' Adam Driver Looking For Missing Dog

Adam Driver has a big December coming up with Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. But, right now, he's got a pretty big problem on his hands. Driver needs some help to find the director's dog. Now, that's not J.J. Abrams' pup, instead, the pooch belongs to Leos Carax. The two are working on Annette right now in Brussells and little Javelot ran off after being spooked by some cars passing by.

Mark Hamil actually posted the video with Driver's plea to his Twitter account to spread the word. Near the set in Brussells, the actor talks about what happened to drive the small dog running away into the night. He looks like one of the Stanger Things kids in that hoodie and is basically that earnest in his pleas for the pup to be returned safely and without incident.

Driver says, ""We were shooting a scene in a club, as you do, and we were outside, and he god spooked by some of the traffic and ran off, so he's been missing for 24 hours. The last place he was seen was in this park where we all are. There's a crew of people behind us, looking for Javelot."

Annette's cast and crew are offering some hefty rewards for whoever finds the dog. The prizes for bringing him home include being included in the film, free chocolate, and even a free christening for a possible child (if you're into that sort of thing.) Hamil even included a contact number for anyone who can provide details leading to getting little Javelot reuinited with his owner.

In other Driver news, he's set to square off against Rey in Lucasfilm's conclusion to the Skywalker saga. The Rise of Skywalker will include some serious confrontation between the two if the promotional material can be believed. Battle lines were drawn in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and now the time for a clash is here. The actor talked to Vanity Fair about that tension with Rey and how it will develop in The Rise of Skywalker.


"... Then he had been forging this maybe-bond with Rey, and it kind of ends with the question in the air: is he going to pursue that relationship, or when the door of her ship goes up, does that also close that camaraderie that they were maybe forming?" Driver explained.

All of these questions are waiting to be answered this Winter during Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. This bond has been teased and indulged over the course of these films, and now it is time to settle things. Things are different than they were even midway through The Last Jedi. Whatever the future holds for Star Wars, it looks like the heroes may have to go through Kylo Ren to get there. But, could someone please find that sweet dog before we get there?