LEGO Recaps 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' With Funny Video

The synergy between the LEGO Group and Star Wars stretches back decades, and one of the best [...]

The synergy between the LEGO Group and Star Wars stretches back decades, and one of the best aspects of that partnership is the brick-based recaps of the movies.

A new two-minute video just recently released online chronicles the events of Star Wars: The Last Jedi in humorous fashion, becoming the canon recreation of events and putting all of those fan-made Throne Room scenes to shame.

LEGO Star Wars' version of The Last Jedi is narrated by someone who obviously doesn't take the series too seriously and is even willing to poke fun at some of the nonsensical beats.

It begins with a quick, 10-second summary of the original trilogy ending with the declaration that Luke Skywalker "lived happily ever after… for a little while."

For fans of LEGO sets, there might be a few eyebrow-raising moments in here, specifically the Canto Bight sequences that show the police speeders and some interesting figures of the Fathiers, which makes us wonder if these will actually be sold in stores at some point.

There's also the LEGO version of the lightsaber battle in Supreme Leader Snoke's throne room, which is surprising considering how awesome the assets for the Praetorian Guards look. We wouldn't be surprised if LEGO made a set of the best battle in movie.

Of course, considering the spoilerific nature of that scene, it makes sense that they would delay it until after the movie's release. People are always looking at LEGO for spoilers.

While this is a fun recreation, perhaps the best aspect of all is how the tables have turned between Chewbacca and his porg companion. While the wookiee spent the film either cooking or smacking the bird-like creatures, in this clip the porg has its revenge and kicks Chewie out of the Millennium Falcon's pilot seat, essentially taking over as captain.

It's a fun little recap of the latest Star Wars movie, and probably worth showing your kids (I mean, if you have kids) so they aren't subjected to the whole "Snoke gets chopped in half" scene. For as many toys as they make for these movies, Star Wars is actually pretty dark for children.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is now available on Digital HD, and will be available on Blu-ray and DVD on March 27th.