Watch John Boyega React To Huge 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' Spoiler Being Dropped By Talk Show Host

The Last Jedi officially opens today with those who have already seen it having a difficult time discussing their reactions while trying not to ruin any of the film's surprises. Given the sheer amount of surprises the film has in store for audiences, one interviewer accidentally revealed a detail about the film's plot that star John Boyega knew was a surprise, resulting in a hilarious reaction from the star.

***WARNING: Spoilers below for The Last Jedi***

The new film features faces both new and familiar, something audiences have expected, but in one key scene, a character from the original trilogy makes a surprise appearance to shed light on a situation. See Boyega's reaction to the spoiler in the video below.

Host of This Morning, Holly Willoughby, asks Boyega about the fan excitement surrounding Yoda's appearance in the film. Boyega is immediately shocked by how blatantly the host reveals the surprise, and has a hard time getting the interview back on track.

With the film's release in various markets potentially causing some conflicts of various markets seeing it in theaters before others, it's possibly Willoughby didn't know this appearance was a secret to some audiences, even if the film had already opened in other countries.

The reveal of the cameo might come as a shock but, unfortunately, Yoda's appearance is one of the worst-kept secrets about the new film.

Last week, a company that provided lights for The Last Jedi shared a post that mentioned their equipment had been used to not only light Jesus in the film Mary Magdalene, but also had lit Yoda. Realizing that they had inadvertently confirmed Yoda's brief appearance in the film, they deleted the post.

Over the weekend, Frank Oz, who provided the voice and puppetry work for Yoda in the original trilogy, attended the premiere of The Last Jedi. The official Star Wars Twitter account posted a photo of the actor, which Mark Hamill retweeted.

Hamill's comments about the photo included the question of whether or not Oz's attendance was a spoiler, which essentially confirmed that it was a spoiler and not just a random tease.


With The Last Jedi opening later this evening, fans will soon see Yoda's appearance for themselves.