'Star Wars' Fan Predicted 'Rise of Skywalker' Title Years Ago

Star Wars is living large this weekend, and it is all thanks to an annual convention. This weekend saw thousands of fans gather in Chicago for Star Wars Celebration, and it was there the title of Star Wars: Episode IX went live.

However, it seems J.J. Abrams was not the one who dropped title first. It turns out a fan beat the director to the punch a handful of years ago.

In the wake of the Star Wars title reveal, fans on Twitter were quick to buzz over The Rise of Skywalker. It did not take long before netizens began digging back to see if anyone had predicted the title, and it seems Gabriel Garcia did back in 2012.

No, really. Just check out the tweet above to see for yourself.

Over on Twitter, a user known as @GabbyG41 made a post on November 21, 2012. It seems they were trying predict the possible title of Star Wars: Episode VII, but their guess of "The Rise of Skywalker" came into effect a few films later.

In the span of a day, fans began questioning how this fan could've picked the title. It all seems to come down to dumb luck, but Abrams broke down the reasoning behind the name during his visit to Star Wars Celebration this weekend.

"The title feels like it's the right title for this movie. I know it's provocative and asks a bunch of questions, but I think when you see the movie, you'll see how it's intended and what it means," Abrams told fans.

"But in the flow of titles, this movie had a very weird responsibility. It had to be the end of not just three movies, but nine movies, and the idea of having to incorporate the stories that have come before, strangely, is the story of the movie."

Abrams may have his own reasoning for the title, but fans are admittedly curious to see what Garcia's take would be. Sadly, this fan hasn't used Twitter in a bit, but that will hopefully change soon. After all, there are tons of fans eager to see their reaction to this title prediction, so we will keep our fingers crossed for now.

So, are you impressed by this long-gone guess? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker opens December 20.


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