Star Wars Author Clarifies Reports About Thrawn Book Plans

Earlier this week, reports emerged that author Timothy Zahn was writing two more books for Lucasfilm that focused on Grand Admiral Thrawn, though the studio was waiting until the completion of Episode IX before moving forward with his stories. Zahn took to Facebook to clarify that his comments were misquoted and that he merely had proposals for the character.

"PUBLICATION NON-NEWS: Okay, folks, the rumor mill has kicked into gear, and since I'm supposedly the source I need to set the record straight before it goes any further. First: I do NOT currently have ANY new Star Wars books under contract," Zahn shared on his Facebook page. "What I said was that I had outline PROPOSALS, which isn't at all the same thing. I hope that I'll be able to discuss them with Del Rey and LFL, but that's for the future (which I also said)."

Some outlets who saw Zahn's comments interpreted the reference of Episode IX to mean that Thrawn could play a part in that film, though the author made it quite clear that this wasn't something he was insinuating.

"Second: I was NOT suggesting, hinting, or winking about anything that might be in Episode 9. I HAVE NO IDEA what is or isn't in Episode 9, or in any other upcoming Star Wars movie, TV show, book, comic, game, sandwich, or anything else," Zahn confirmed. "The movies come first, and their content defines the direction of Star Wars for all the rest of the creative people playing in the sandbox."

The rumors about future Thrawn novels emerged during a convention appearance, with reports claiming he had a deal with Lucasfilm for two more books featuring the villain. Understandably, the author appeared frustrated at the misrepresentation of his comments.

"In the future, people, please quote what I said, and not what you think I said. If this sort of rumor keeps cropping up around me, I may have to stop speaking about Star Wars on convention panels, or even have to stop attending conventions entirely," Zahn pleaded. "None of us wants that. Okay? Trust me: if and when I have any Star Wars book news, I'll share it here. For everything else, look to the official Star Wars site: If it's said there, it's true. If it's not there, it's just a rumor."

Zahn's next book featuring Thrawn, Thrawn: Alliances, hits shelves on June 26th.


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