TBT: The Time Chris Pratt Fought Darth Vader In His Underwear

Remember the Xbox 360 Kinect? The motion-capture system from Xbox tried to encourage gamers to be [...]

Remember the Xbox 360 Kinect? The motion-capture system from Xbox tried to encourage gamers to be more active.

Xbox released a Star Wars game on Kinect in 2012, and it gave users the chance to weild lightsabers just like all of their favorite Jedi.

What you may not remember, however, is the commercial that Xbox released in order to build hype around the game's release. The trailer put a game user in Obi-Won Kenobi's famous robe, and stuck him in a duel with Darth Vader.

The actor that played the silly Xbox user was none other than Chris Pratt.

That's right, before Pratt has turned into a bonafide movie star, he has a featured role on the NBC comedy Parks And Recreation. His character, Andy Dwyer, was known for his goofy antics and hilarious one-liners.

Pratt lights up this commercial with his incredible talent as a physical comedian. His side-splitting antics put against the seriously somber Darth Vader make for a legendary pairing.

Since the commercial was filmed, Chris Pratt has become one of Hollywood's brightest stars. He took a larger role on Parks as the series continued, and it led to the lead in giant franchises like Guardians Of The Galaxy and Jurassic World.

It may have been four years since this commercial was released, but it's still just as funny as ever.

starwars chrispratt
(Photo: LucasArts)

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