Norman Reedus Wants To Bring A Fan On 'Ride' Season 2, Go International

TWD Daryl Bike

The Walking Dead launched Norman Reedus into super stardom as his portrayal of the fan-favorite character Daryl Dixon has become a worldwide icon since the show launched in 2010.

Part of what makes Daryl's image so iconic is his motorcycle riding. Sure, in the zombie apocalypse there are more ideal, quieter vehicles, but Daryl is enough of a bad-ass to ride out in the backwoods and take on whatever threatening walkers stumble his way. It's a part of the character Reedus says is heavily influenced by himself.

"I think Daryl is influenced by me," Reedus says. "You always bring yourself into a character. You use your own experiences to tell the experiences of that character and I'm lucky enough that they write cool things for me and I'm surrounded by a talented cast and talented group of writers and directors but I will say that the job itself has inspired me."

"The character comes from Norman experiences, no matter what's written," he adds.

Reedus/Daryl's popularity has grown so large that it earned the actor his own motorcycle show on AMC, Ride with Norman Reedus. In its first season, the series is seeing a six episode run with two more episodes coming up this week and next. As season one comes to a close, season two is still a question mark but should Reedus go on more televised rides, he has a few big ideas for the series.

First, and foremost for the fans, we asked Reedus if he would ever want to bring a motorcycle loving fan of him and The Walking Dead on a ride for an episode.

"Yeah, that would be great!" Reedus boasts. "We talked about that and if we go into season two we'll definitely do that. There's a lot of different episodes that I would like to do with that and incorporate fans and Make-A-Wish kids and the whole thing. Hopefully, we go to season two and we can do all that because its definitely something we want to do."

That said, a ride with fans wouldn't be the only exciting addition to season two if Reedus gets his way. While all of season one has been based in the United States, Reedus would love to see the series take him and fellow riders on a global adventure.

"I'd love to go to Vietnam. I'd love to go to Italy," Reedus says. "I'd love to go to lots of places in Europe and Eastern Europe and, you know, Africa! I'd love to do all of that stuff. It'd be so, so cool."

Traveling the world will not only offer beautiful sights, food, and cultures but also an interesting form of communication, according to Reedus. "It would be hard to communicate but you would watch us communicate through the love of motorcycles and riding and countryside and so forth. I think our conversations would be a lot fuller than you would expect," he says.

Ride with Norman Reedus airs Sundays at 10 PM ET on AMC. The Walking Dead will return for its seventh season in October.