The Walking Dead: Lauren Cohan Updates The Status Of Maggie's Pregnancy


Wrapping up the sixth season, Maggie Greene was in arguably the worst position of any character on The Walking Dead. Experiencing some series complications with her pregnancy, she finds herself at the mercy of Negan's eenie-meenie-minie-moe game with her husband as another possible victim.

With all of the threats in front of her, it's hard to imagine a reason why Maggie would want to bring a child into such a world.

Speaking to a select group of press at San Diego Comic Con following The Walking Dead's massive Hall H presentation, Maggie actress Lauren Cohan was asked about the status of her pregnancy and why Maggie and Glenn chose to take such a chance.

"If we think of the theme of pregnancy, Maggie is a hopeful character and she's deciding that it's a good idea to hope that the future world will have a place for her child," Cohan says. "I think that's so important. I think that for the group and what Judith has given us and in the repeated rising from the ashes that we have all experienced up to this point... I think the lesson that I take from character progression and from what we see in the shows is that there will be some breaking that's inevitable but we do come and we do learn how much deeper is your spiritual connection and those that you love and things like how you decide about that."

"It's a horrible crazy world but we have a triumph in the longest because we know who we are and we know who we are to each other," Cohan concludes.

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