Fear The Walking Dead: Is This How The Group Comes Back Together

Ever since Daniel set fire to the vineyard in the Fear The Walking Dead mid-season finale, the main group of survivors have been split apart.

Madison, Alicia, and Strand have been holed up in a hotel. They have met some new faces in their journey, but they also lost track of one of their own. Ofelia traveled with them to the hotel, but escaped while everyone else was busy. While her friends were worrying about where she could be, Ofelia was on her way to New Mexico, searching for her lost lover.

Nick left his family on his own accord, and the decision has seemed to be a smart one. He has learned to come into his own as a leader at La Colonia, and found the love of the beautiful Luciana. He has gotten it together over the past few episodes, only to have it all ripped away in the finale.

Chris and Travis were off on their own since the fire, but their journey has been much less pleasant. Chris grew apart from his father for a number of weeks, before finally ditching him altogether.

After Chris is killed by his friends, Travis loses his mind, and gets Madison and himself kicked out of the hotel. The two, along with Alicia, finish the finale on the road again.

While they are off on thei own, and Strand is still at the hotel, Ofelia and Nick get taken by the US army. They were picked up from different locations, but it seems to be the same group. With Travis & Co. unprotected, all signs would point to them being picked up as well.

Is the Army base the spot where the broken family finally reunites?

This is first time all season that the majority of them seem to be headed in the same direction, so it stands to reason that they would run into each other.