The Walking Dead: Maggie Reveals Her Feelings About Glenn's Death Years Later

The Walking Dead series on AMC has had plenty of parallels to the hit comic series it was based on. Even in year seven of the series, the producers are sticking pretty close to various comic storylines.

Glenn's death in the season seven premiere was one of the many scenes taken straight from the pages of the books. From Negan's dialogue, to Maggie's agony, everything seemed like a frame-by-frame copy of the source material.

Glenn and Maggie

Fans have been wondering where Maggie will go from here, now that Glenn is gone. According to her comic storyline, she goes full-on bad-ass. After moving to Hilltop, Maggie eventually takes over as their leader.

One thing that's never addressed, however, is how Maggie deals internally with Glenn's death. She talks about missing him shortly after his death, but the comics are currently taking place over two years after the event.

In the latest issue of The Walking Dead, #160, Maggie finally reveals how she has coped with Glenn's death all this time.

When Dante, who has had a thing for Maggie for quite some time, decides to unveil his true feelings, Maggie shuts him down. She claims that she does like him, but he isn't what she wants.

He asks if something is wrong with him, and her answer is very simple.

"Yes. You're not my husband, okay? I like you, Dante. I think I think you're nice. But I'll only ever love Glenn. I don't have any room in my heart for someone else. It wouldn't be fair to you."

Dante goes on to question the notion, asking Maggie if she ever wants to be happy. Can she be happy without someone else? Maggie's next sentence was a tear-jerker for Walking Dead fans.

"I'm happy when I think of him."

Maggie doesn't shy away from Glenn's death; she accepts it and embraces it. Instead of trying to put her husband out of her mind, she cherishes every thought of him.

Maggie thinks about Glenn on purpose, so she never has to get over him.

Since the show followed the death scene so closely, it would make sense for Maggie's arc to follow the comics for a few years down the road. The love that was built between the characters on the show mirrors this kind of depth, and Lauren Cohan's take on the character is strong enough to fell this way after a major loss.

Things may be sad for Maggie and her family at the moment, but Mrs. Rhee will keep the love of Glenn living on for the rest of her life.