Fear The Walking Dead Reveals Who Killed Travis

Spoilers for Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 5 follow!

Fear the Walking Dead's third season started with a major shock for fans and characters within the series. Travis, the man many thought was going to be the leader of the series, was killed by what appeared to be a stray bullet while riding in a helicopter.

Since the death of Travis, Madison has evolved into a leader for her family while emerging as just the same within the newly introduced Broke Jaw Ranch community. However, she is now not only being driven by protecting her kids but also by her desire to find Travis' killer.

In Episode 3x05, "Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame," Madison discovered the answers she sought.

While on a mission with Troy Otto, Madison was introduced to a native man named Walker. Troy insisted the man was making a mistake but the man, armed with a sniper, revealed he had the Broke Jaw residents surrounded by hidden gunmen. These are the same shooters who took down the helicopter, killing Travis in the process. Which of them is fired the shot which killed Travis is still unknown and whether or not this new apparent villain is the actual leader of this bunch is also unclear. Madison, however, emerged as a leader in the moments which surrounded the encounter.

According to Dickens, the leadership role is one which Madison is ready to embrace as she fights for Broke Jaw Ranch's cause.

"She's the one who has the courage make these morally challenged decisions in order to do what's best for the baby, if you will," Dickens said. "She's willing to make brutal decisions and execute them."

"Madison's priorities remain keeping her family safe but she's growing beyond that. Because I think, she's said it in Season 2, Madison, I don't want her to survive, I want her to start over. So Madison, you know, beyond keeping her family safe, she wants to rebuild her civilization and make a home for themselves. And that will begin to include other people as well."

The encounter with Walker is likely only the beginning of a feud brewing on Fear the Walking Dead. The new character insisted Troy and his family abandon Broke Jaw Ranch. Troy, of course, refused. This will likely lead to a costly showdown between the two groups.

"Am I going to defend it? Yeah," Jeremiah Otto actor Dayton Callie said. "It's like you own a house, you going to defend it? Yeah you're going to defend it. If you can if you're capable. I'm hoping we're capable. I got to get the other idiots to believe in it."

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