Custom 'The Walking Dead' Cover Brings "Old Man Carl" Theory To Life

A customized cover of an issue of The Walking Dead will have fans begging for the Old Man Carl theories to be real.

Posted to Reddit by user Reddit_PI, the cover is a customized variant of the first issue (or could posing as a one-off similar to the Governor or Michonne's stories, for example). It sees Carl Grimes, conqueror of the apocalypse, on its face. The now fully-grown Grimes boy is seen carrying Lucille, a crossbow, and Michonne's katana, while wearing Daryl's poncho and Rick's sheriff hat.

Check it out below!

Old Man Carl (comic book concept) by SaintYak from thewalkingdead

According to the title of the Reddit post, the cover is designed by DeviantArt user SaintYak. Looking at SaintYak's page, the artist is a clear fan of The Walking Dead, often combining elements of the AMC series and its comic book source material with other popular geek culture characters.

Of course, this cover hits closer to home for fans of The Walking Dead who are familiar with the Old Man Carl theories. The theory claims The Walking Dead is a thing of the past being retold by Carl Grimes as he has outlived everyone around him, including his father Rick, and has rebuilt the world around him. In fact, it's something the Robot Chicken special centered around The Walking Dead mocked by having Carl walk around a museum decked out in Walking Dead artifacts and stories, inaccurately telling the tale of what transpired throughout the apocalyptic days.

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