‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Episode 4x07 Preview Released

AMC has released the preview for Fear The Walking Dead 4x07, “The Wrong Side of Where You Are Now.”

Per the official synopsis:

Madison's decision to help an adversary has unintended consequences; John Dorie's life hangs in the balance.

4x06, “Just In Case,” saw John and Morgan track down a wayward Vulture in search of answers about Naomi's fate, who Luciana previously revealed “didn’t make it out” of the stadium.

In the past, the stadium struggled with their dwindling food problem and the ever-encroaching Vultures, who showed no signs of vacating their parking lot residency. Madison and Naomi set out to a destination Naomi believed held seeds, fertilizer, food, possibly military rations — somewhere she’d been before but was too dangerous to journey to with others.

Naomi’s return to the abandoned and overrun FEMA shelter proved emotional — and nearly lethal — for the always-running loner, who revealed to Madison and Strand she had a daughter, Rose, who ultimately perished from illness when Naomi was on a desperate three-day trek for medicine.

“She died before I got back with the medicine, and she turned that first night,” Naomi confessed. “And then everyone else did, too. I did this.”

With Naomi's traumatic past revealed, she found herself more open with Madison and Strand than ever before, Strand telling her, “We can start over. We all can.”

Outside the stadium, the survivors confronted the Vultures, telling leader Melvin their plans to rebuild and replant with their newfound scavenged supplies of food and fertilizer. The Vultures backed off and the stadium got a renewed sense of life, enough to give the community of 50-something survivors a chance at a new start.

In a return to the present, Alicia, Strand, and Luciana prepared for their big face off. At the Vulture’s planned meeting spot, the trio drew their guns on Morgan and John.

A motorcade of Vultures arrived, guns drawn and at the ready, dwarfing the survivors' forces.


Morgan tried to cool both sides during the standoff, only for it to be revealed Naomi was alive — and seemingly aligned with the Vultures. Screaming “no,” Alicia fired at Naomi — only to hit John, who had stepped out in front, leaving his fate in up in the air...

Fear The Walking Dead airs its next episode Sunday, June 3.