'The Walking Dead': Danai Gurira on Michonne's "Beautiful" Comic Story

The Walking Dead tends to stray from its source material with the television series on occasion but Danai Gurira would love to see Michonne reunited with her child.

On the pages of Robert Kirkman's comics, a recent unexpected twist saw Michonne journeying to the Commonwealth community. Upon arrival, she saw a photo of herself with a "missing" message attached to it, leading her to a reunion with her long lost daughter Elodie. On the TV series, Michonne does not have a daughter, but a presumed dead son as he was killed off-screen prior to her Season Three debut.

"Well, of course, what does it mean to a parent to find out their kid's still alive?" Gurira told ComicBook.com. "That's amazing. I'm sure there's nothing like it on the planet because there's nothing like the loss of a child, nothing more painful. I think they're miles ahead of us in the comic book, but that's a beautiful storyline that she has."

Whether or not the TV show tries to fit the comic book mold of Michonne surprisingly having a child alive, the actress isn't ruling out the possibility of a new kid spawning from Michonne and Rick's romance.

Whether or not Gurira will stick with the AMC series long enough for such a story to be reached is also a factor. The actress has a contract set to expire with Season Nine and chooses to reserve her comment on whether or not she will stick with the show to its end.

"Above all things, I believe as an artist, I must pursue the story," Gurira said. "It's really about story for me and how a story evolves for me. I truly believe in what the story is saying and connecting to that."


Of course, Season Nine will mark some major changes to The Walking Dead's survivors with Andrew Lincoln and his Rick Grimes character making their exits. Starting Season Nine, the group will be thriving in the post-All Out War time jump world. "I think it is a part of the moment we're in, we're in a new beginning," A new beginning involved new complexities," Gurira said. "[Maggie and Michonne] respect each other's leadership, and we might have different focuses and different ways. It is a very interesting moment. How do we progress currently and how do we respect each other and find commonality and find a common structure?"

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