'The Walking Dead': Andrew Lincoln Thought He Would Crossover With Kim Dickens

The Walking Dead's leading man Andrew Lincoln thought he would eventually share the screen with Fear the Walking Dead star Kim Dickens.

Both actors are no longer a part of their respective shows, with Dickens having bowed out of Fear the Walking Dead in its fourth season and Lincoln set to mak his exit in Sunday night's Episode 9x05 of The Walking Dead, but there was a time when Lincoln thought they would cross paths.

"Last time I saw Andy, he was like 'Everyone’s excited, they think we’re gonna meet when we crossover,'" Dickens explained during a panel at Walker Stalker Con in Atlanta. "And I was like, 'Yeah. We’re not.'" Of course, this was ahead of Fear the Walking Dead revealing Dickens' death scene and Lincoln's exit had been announced. “I didn’t tell him in the moment," Dickens added.

Dickens admits, she is proud of how her fellow cast members and their respective characters have handled Fear the Walking Dead in her absence, though.

"I watched some of [the episodes]," Dickens said. "Yeah, I’m so proud. That’s why I wanted to watch it, because I love the show. I love my cast mates. I was super proud of Colman [Domingo] for directing." In fact, Domingo is already campaigning for the next crossover with himself pulling it off behind-the-scenes. "I thought it was an incredible episode," Dickens said of Domingo's work. "It’s still in my heart."

As for whether or not Dickens can return to her role as Madison Clark in the future, the actress doesn't sound optimistic, but isn't ruling anything out. "I have no idea," Dickens said. "I’m definitely working on other things, and I think that part of this genre. That you lose characters unexpectedly sometimes. I don’t think that’s how it works. I don’t think they do come back." This is when fans call out that characters in the Dead universe have survived house fires and dumpster dives which seemed fatal, so anything is possible!


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