‘The Walking Dead’ Star Jeffrey Dean Morgan Thinking About Directing an Episode

Negan star Jeffrey Dean Morgan has “thought about” directing an episode of The Walking Dead.

Asked on Twitter if he would someday like to direct or produce a movie, Morgan replied, “Someday. Absolutely.”

“Been looking for the right script to direct for awhile... really it’s about time as well. I don’t have a ton of it,” he tweeted. “And directing, it’s going to require a bunch of time to do it right. Someday.”

Asked in a subsequent tweet if he would want to direct an episode of The Walking Dead, Morgan answered, “Maybe. I’ve thought about it.” He then joked its actors “are so unruly.”

Morgan would be the latest Walking Dead star-turned-director following Fear the Walking Dead star Colman Domingo, who made his directorial debut with episode 412 of the spinoff series, “Weak.”

Former The Walking Dead star Michael Cudlitz makes his own directorial debut with Sunday’s 907, “Stradivarius,” making him the first actor from the flagship show to direct an episode of that series.

Rick Grimes star Andrew Lincoln, who departed the mothership series for good and will next headline a trilogy of television movies for AMC Studios, has since returned to set to shadow directors and intends to direct his first episode of The Walking Dead in Season Ten.

Michonne star and accomplished playwright Danai Gurira recently expressed an interest in steering an episode of the series, remarking at Walker Stalker Con Atlanta, “It has crossed my thoughts. Anything is possible, but ultimately, I have to feel it all through.”

“It’s not in the top two places, but absolutely. I have to figure out when and where,” Gurira noted. “I like the idea of writing and directing something as well. So it’s on the list, but I have to work on a couple other things first.”


Morgan hopes to fit into his busy schedule a potential Negan origin movie, exploring the ousted Savior’s history long before he became Alexandria’s sole prisoner. The project would belong to the quickly-expanding TWDU, AMC’s Marvel-like expanded universe centered around all things Dead and shepherded by chief content officer Scott Gimple.

The Walking Dead Season Nine airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC.