'The Walking Dead' Savagely Jabs Zack Snyder's New Zombie Movie

The Walking Dead's official Twitter account took a savage-like jab at Justice League director Zack Snyder's new Army of the Dead movie news.

Following a tweet announcing Snyder's efforts in directing the Army of the Dead film, Skybound's official The Walking Dead account had a response digging at Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: "But who is going to play Martha?"

Check out the tweet from The Walking Dead below.

For the uneducated, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice showed Batman as the clear winner in the physical feud between Batman and Superman. After Bruce Wayne had gotten the best of Clark Kent and was all but finishing the job for good, Clark said his mother's name of Martha. Bruce, having a mother of the same name, was caught off guard. It lead to the two DC Comics titans to put their differences aside and unite against Lex Luthor.

The moment has been polarizing. Those viewers who did not enjoy Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice have found the means to use "Martha" as the butt of many jokes. The viewers who love Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice often stand by Snyder's creative choice to bring Batman and Superman together after their battle. Either way, The Walking Dead is having a little bit of fun with the news of Snyder tapping tapping into their genre.

Snyder's Army of the Dead will be set during a zombie outbreak in Las Vegas, following a man who brings together a group of mercenaries to venture into the quarantined zone to pull off "the greatest heist ever attempted". It is essentially a bank robbery taking place in the zombie apocalypse. Snyder founded the concept for Army of the Dead and is having Joby Harold write the script. Army of the Dead will be Snyder's first outing as a director since he departed Justice League in the midst of its production.


Where do you stand on the whole Martha debacle from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? How do you feel about The Walking Dead's joke in response to the Snyder movie news? Share your thoughts in the comment section!

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