‘The Walking Dead’: Jeffrey Dean Morgan Responds to James Woods’ “Bullsh*t” Sexist Tweet

Jeffrey Dean Morgan backed Michael Cudlitz after the former Abraham Ford star shut down actor James Woods, who called The Walking Dead an “all-chick zombie series” and an “estrogen fest.”

After Woods tweeted the zombie drama “should have spent whatever it took to keep Andrew Lincoln,” Cudlitz wrote in a reply the Rick Grimes star “left to spend time with his kids and family” and that “money was not an issue.”

“You’re a terrific actor James and I’ve admired your talent for years,” Cudlitz added, “but sometimes you just talk out of your ass.”

“MC cutting thru the bullsh-t,” Morgan wrote in reply to both tweets. “Nice.”

Cudlitz was also backed by former Walking Dead star Joshua Mikel, who played Jared of the Saviors.

“Heaven forbid a show feature women as much as men after decades of TV treating women as glorified props. Proud of what @WalkingDead_AMC manages in diversity & inclusion,” Mikel tweeted to Woods.

“Cool continued attempt at staying relevant [with] saucy tweets tho.”

When responding to a Twitter user who called The Walking Dead’s strong female characters “unrealistic and obviously forced” and wrote “there would be more men alive in an apocalypse than women,” Cudlitz tweeted, “Based on the fact that we all know how a ‘zombie apocalypse would unfold... I mean. You know it’s not real, right??”

Daryl Dixon star Norman Reedus previously told ComicBook.com the train is now “being driven by women” under the stewardship of showrunner Angela Kang, who pushed for stronger and better represented female characters.

“From the showrunner to the directors to the writers to the actresses. I think what’s happened the last couple years is it’s been driven by men and you’ve ended up with two guys in particular chest bumping. ‘I’m gonna kill you.’ ‘I’m gonna kill you.’ ‘I’m gonna kill you,’ and everyone’s like, ‘Is somebody gonna kill somebody?’ There’s none of that happening right now,” Reedus said.

“This show feels like a Western, but at the same time it’s scarier, it’s more emotional, it’s more heartfelt. There’s no posturing. No one’s posturing. I will say that the female spirit has put that bad guy in a cage, and it’s over there in a cage, and there’s a whole bunch of other sh-t happening.”

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC.



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