Fear the Walking Dead Showrunner Details Newest Foe Logan

Fear the Walking Dead co-showrunner Andrew Chambliss has offered details about newest antagonist Logan (Matt Frewer), who in the Season 5 premiere took advantage of the group’s goodwill mission and lured Morgan (Lennie James) and company away from their now stolen base of operations.

The former partner of trucker Clayton (Stephen Henderson), aka Polar Bear, Logan alleges ownership of the denim factory and takes issue with the group continuing Clayton’s philosophy of helping strangers in need. Why Logan maneuvered to take control of the factory non violently will be explained in coming episodes.

“He has a code and there’s still some shred of his time with Polar Bear, and he still subscribes to take what you need, leave what you don’t. He’s pretty literal about that in the episode,” Chambliss told EW.

“Unfortunately, he took the thing that our people really needed which was their home base. Obviously, we’re very interested in how we’re going to explore Logan’s story this season.”

Though the mysterious Logan is already reminiscent of the Filthy Woman (Tonya Pinkins) — who also stood morally opposed to helping the helpless — more will be revealed as the group continues their trek into dangerous territory.

“He, at one point, was Clayton’s partner. We know what Clayton’s philosophy was, how we operated in the world, so it’s just very interesting to see how far Logan has fallen from that and we will explore at some point what happened and why there was a bit of a fracture there,” Chambliss said.


“There’s a lot more story to come with Logan and his motives for taking over the river mill and for kicking our people out and for sending them on a wild goose chase with the plane. He may actually have more going on than he initially says.”

Fear the Walking Dead Season 5 airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC.