The Walking Dead: Andrew Lincoln's Awesome Wrap Gift For Angela Kang

Andrew Lincoln has developed a reputation for being thoughtful and kind to all of those around him. Many times over, the actor known for his role as Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead has proved his manners and humanity. His wrap on the AMC zombie drama was no exception. When Lincoln wrapped his final episode in the show's ninth season, he put a creative bit of thought into the gift for showrunner Angela Kang, who took the reigns on the AMC series with the same season.

Kang's office was opened up to Variety where she discussed the "creative frenzy" which goes into her writing efforts. While there, Michael Buckner managed to spot a familiar looking prop on her wall: an axe. Rick Grimes became known for using an axe in his later seasons on The Walking Dead. However, this axe had something particular about it. This axe had, "My mercy prevails over my wrath," inscribed on it. The quote came from Rick Grimes in Season 8, sending the message the character had learned from tremendous losses and difficult decisions.

“These characters are in a world where they are constantly engaging with a fight-or-flight response and are also thinking about who they are as people and who they want to be," Kang said. "Is the only way forward to fight and kill, or is there something that makes us uniquely human?”

Check out Lincoln's wrap gift for Kang below...

(Photo: Michael Buckner/Variety)

Looking back at her freshman year as showrunner on The Walking Dead, Kang enthusiastically told she was proud of her work. "It feels great," she said. "It's such a whirlwind when we're making the season, so it just whipped by. And obviously we're still in post on the second half of the season, and we've got some exciting stuff coming up, so that's really fun to work on, but I'm glad that the first season is out there and that fans seem to be responding well to it, and we appreciate it. Everybody worked really hard this season."


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The Walking Dead issue #192 is available now in comic book stores. The Walking Dead TV series returns for its tenth season in October. Fear the walking Dead airs Sundays at 9pm ET on AMC.