Fear The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 6: The Little Prince

On Sunday night, AMC will air the sixth episode of Fear the Walking Dead's fifth season. Following the episode, only two episodes will remain in the first half of Fear the Walking Dead's fifth season, with the mid-season finale slated for July 21 following the show's San Diego Comic Con panel on July 19. There will only be a three week hiatus before Fear the Walking Dead returns for its second half of Season 5 in August.

Fear the Walking Dead Episode 5x06 is titled, "The Little Prince." The official synopsis for The Little Prince reads, "Facing impossible odds, Luciana and the group work together to tackle an impossible task while Morgan helps prevent disaster. Elsewhere, an old friend presents Sarah, Charlie, and Strand with a solution." The episode is direct by Sharat Raju on a script from Mallory Westfall.

The new episode will bring Austin Amelio back into the mix, continuing his crossover as The Walking Dead's Dwight on Fear the Walking Dead. The character debuted two weeks ago. “It was exciting for us to sit down with Austin because we’re huge fans of his character and of the work he did on The Walking Dead,” Fear the Walking Dead co-showrunner Ian Goldberg told EW. “But what we thought was cool and what we got excited about with bringing Dwight onto Fear is that it was going to be a redemption story, and we were going to see a more hopeful side of Dwight start to take shape.”

In last Sunday's Episode 5x05, Fear the Walking Dead finally revealed details surrounding the mysterious helicopter group which took Rick Grimes away from Alexandria on the flagship series. Whether or not the group will return to the spinoff series is unknown as Morgan, Alicia, John, Althea, June, and Luciana continue leading the story in Texas.

Talking Dead will not air a new episode following Sunday's new episode of Fear the Walking Dead. Chris Hardwick's recap hour will return on July 21, following the Mid-Season finale.


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Fear the Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9pm ET on AMC.