Fear The Walking Dead References Key TWD Season 1 Characters

Fear the Walking Dead went deep into the Dead universe's history on Sunday night. Morgan Jones, as to be expected, was pat of a story very much motivated by a past which only fans of the franchise for 10 years will truly understand.

Spoilers for Fear the Walking Dead Episode 5x09 follow. Major spoilers!

In an effort to help a woman in the mid-season five premiere of Fear the Walking Dead, Morgan showed no quit. Despite being a terribly dangerous situation, he was willing to risk his life to save a woman and her son. The big problem was that the house was surrounded by mines. Regardless, Morgan went it -- thinking of his own wife and son.

In a confessional style type, Morgan admitted that he was always going to try to rescue this woman and her son because of what happened to his wife Jenny and his son Duane.

After he has safely helped the woman (and is glad to see that she was willing to help him as a result of his help), Morgan confesses to Althea that he has to say goodbye to his family. "It's been a long time since I lost them," Morgan tells Althea. "I still haven't said goodbye. I think I need to, Al. I just don't know how. I don't."

Jenny was dead in the first episode of The Walking Dead. Duane was alive and said to have died off-screen. When Morgan shared the fate of Duane with Rick, his mental state was questionable at best, which has some fans hoping to see Duane actually alive and older somewhere in the zombie apocalypse. In fact, The Walking Dead comics pulled off a touching reunion for Michonne and her long lost daughter. Many are hoping to see something of the sort for Morgan Jones somewhere down the road.


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