It’s Survival of the Fittest in Fear the Walking Dead 513 Preview

AMC has released the preview for Fear the Walking Dead 513, “Leave What You Don’t.” Per its official synopsis:

Logan’s motives are revealed; Sarah and Dwight negotiate; a dangerous threat emerges.

Sunday’s “Ner Tamid” ended with Logan (Matt Frewer) and Doris (Mikala Gibson) discovering the Lonesome Quarry, site of the oil fields so desperately sought after by Logan and his gang. “We’re about to buy ourselves a ticket to the promised land,” Logan said before ramming his truck into its gates.

Despite leading a gang of heavily armed thugs like Rollie (Cory Hart), who has already emerged as a personal nemesis for Dwight (Austin Amelio) mostly easygoing Logan “isn’t a conventional villain,” Frewer told the AMC blog.

“He’s morally ambiguous, but what he says makes a lot of practical sense. The factory is his and it’s his stuff,” Frewer said of the base of operations once shared with Polar Bear (Stephen Henderson). “As far as playing the character goes, I saw an opportunity to play someone who’s unsettling for the audience. The audience may question how they feel about him and whether they like him or not. It’s an ambiguity that makes you a little nervous to be around. I was really excited to play that.”

Particularly in his dealings with the non-violent Morgan (Lennie James), Logan “knows what buttons to push,” Frewer continued. “He’s very manipulative, but this is someone who sees the bigger picture.”

And what is that bigger picture for Logan?

“He’s part of a team where he’s brokering and facilitating the oil and the oil supply for a larger syndicate,” Frewer said. “He could become an officer in that scheme, but in the short term, he realizes that lives may be lost and it is to serve the greater good. At a certain point, his day-to-day survival depends on putting that aside and not offering hope, which is what Morgan’s group lives and breathes.”


Spotted in the trailer is a gang riding horseback, a development that will introduce even more new characters to the series following the addition of Rabbi Jacob Kessner (Peter Jacobson).

New episodes of Fear the Walking Dead Season 5 premiere Sundays at 9/8c on AMC. Follow the author @cameronbonomolo on Twitter.