The Walking Dead is Coming Up on a Brutal Comic Book Moment

The Walking Dead is heading into its tenth season, closing on the Whisperer War arc which takes place from issue #157 through issue #162. The lead-up to the story arc sees the people of Alexandria uneasy with the group's existence following the execution of their people for the pike sequence. However, Rick Grimes tried to use caution when pushed to retaliate as he was aware of how outnumbered his people really were. Still, tempers flared so wildly that a couple of Alexandrians attempted to kill Rick when he was walking alone through the community. It ended up in one of their deaths as Rick has no choice but to bit one man's throat out. It was a violent, gruesome scene and one which might be coming to the AMC series in Season 10.

Of course, The Walking Dead pulled off something similar to this earlier in the TV series. When Rick, Michonne, and Carl were captured by Joe and his Claimers group, Rick bit Joe's throat out as a means to rescue his family. It was a violent and shocking moment but one which left fans in disbelief and buzzing on Monday morning after watching. As the show nears another similar moment, the question is not only whether or not it will pull it off, but also which character will take Rick's place.

Rick left The Walking Dead in Season 9, leaving the others behind to form leaders in Alexandria. Those leaders include Michonne, Gabriel, Aaron, and others. If one of these characters will be turned to in a trying moment for the community, it is most likely Michonne. Michonne, however, has been displaying a level-headed nature and won't be eager to charge into a fight against Alpha and the Whisperers as some others have. If this is the case, it sets the character up for the iconic moment from the comics in Rick's place ahead of the exit from the TV series coming for Danai Gurira.

If not Michonne, Daryl just seems like the character who would fill in for Rick when the moment is realized on television. He has not emerged as a leader for the communities but often finds himself in the place of key moments for characters from the comics when they are switched up for television. Plus, he and Michonne have both seen Rick pull off the throat bite move, so the inspiration for them is certainly there.


Do you think The Walking Dead will bring this violent moment from issue #150? The violent death of Morton by the teeth of Rick Grimes could very well be headed to television. Share your thoughts in the comment section or send them my way on Instagram and Twitter!

The Walking Dead returns for its tenth season on October 6.