The Walking Dead's Jeffrey Dean Morgan Explains How Negan Could Be The Hero

The Walking Dead is about to return this week, and the world is (for once literally) waiting with bated breath to see whom Negan bashes to bits with his bat Lucielle. While that initial mystery reveal is the square focus of many fans' attention, it's best to remember that we have seemingly an entire season to get to know Negan, and that may change out first, and horrible, impression of the man.

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Negan actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan recently spoke to Cinemablend about his new movie Desierto, and explained that how we view Negan is all a matter of perspective. In fact, compared to what we've seen Rick and Co. do over the course of the show, Negan might not even look as bad as they do, had we spent more time with him.

The Walking Dead Is Negan the Hero
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Morgan stated, "I see the other side of the coin. If we followed Negan's story for the last seven years, he'd be our hero, and someone like Rick, who rips the throat out of people, would be the bad guy."

In terms of where we left things at the end of season 6? Morgan pointed out that while the audience (who is invested in these characters) might view the killing that happens next as an act of villainy, in point of fact, it's just a numbers game. "No matter who Negan kills, Rick and his survivors still killed 20 or 30 of my men. So, yeah, we keep kind of forgetting about that in the evilness that is Negan. So it's walking a little bit of a tightrope with the character and trying to make him real. But at the same time, I'm feeling justified in whatever I'm doing."


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The Walking Dead season 7 premiere airs Sunday October 23 on AMC.